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  • Valerie Black

    Awesome show today with the interviews from Car Medic! What did you guys think?

  • Valerie

    Todays show is the way we want to do the show. Show #20 is what I want to do. Inspirational, educational and applicational! A little Chicken Soup for the Soul, splashed in with some Mr. T and Dr. Phil!

  • David Pinti

    Hello Blacks! hope all is well. The task Mr. Black has challenged some of us with is to give 10 words that describe the man that God created me to be. My first word is not how God designed me but an acknowledgement I believe one must have to become great.

    Sinner- Because I am
    Son- to honor those who raised me
    Father- In the worldly sense here to point my children to the Lion of Judah
    Husband- to love my wife like Jesus loves the church
    Brother- Love the ones God placed in this life with me
    Friend – Be reliable
    Leader – God made me to follow and to lead, live a life worthy of the call
    Broken- in the world and not of it
    Seeker- God has the answers and wants to provide if we ask
    Redeemed- to do the will of God when I avail

  • Nivaldo Conti Baptistta

    Hi Mr. Black!!! Big Hug

  • Sarah Burrows Claggett

    Love the radio show!!! It keeps my experiences from class so fresh!

  • karen kelleher

    I listen ALL the time! A lot of really good messages, “aha” moments, Mr. Black clears up any confusions you might have about ……well, anything, really. Sometimes you can call in, sometimes you can just listen, and sometimes I go into the show archives and listen to past shows, too.

  • Michael Ireland

    I attended Class 179, Dec. 7-9, 2017 in Mpls., and not only was I set free from Fear of Rejection, but also tendonitis in my hands was healed – no need for wrist braces or support gloves any more. Praise God, Thank you Mr Black.